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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Little Haud’ Makes History; Passes McMahan with Two to Go For First Outlaw Win- Results and Reaction


It was a lengthy A-Main Friday evening to kickoff the 40th season for the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series, but the 45-minute long ordeal was well worth the wait when second generation driver Sheldon Haudenschild parked the Stenhouse Jr. Wood Racing, NDS Energy Drink No. 17 in Volusia Speedway Park victory lane for his first career World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series victory.

Haudenschild started in sixth, but he shot to the third spot by the completion of lap 1. Shortly thereafter, the race was red flagged for a viscous flip in turns 1 and 2 involving David Gravel and Tim Shaffer. The open red flag allowed the Stenhouse team to make changes on the No. 17 and at the conclusion of 30-laps, it all worked out in Haudenschild’s favor as another red with three laps to go set ‘Little Haud’ up perfectly to pace race-long leader Paul McMahan on his way to the white flag and go on to victory.

“This team works incredibly hardm it’s a long week for them. To be able to get two wins and just be fast in this car is really good,” said Haudenschild, who won an Artic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions main event a Bubba Raceway Park a week earlier. “I can’t thank Stenhouse Marshall, NDS Energy Drink, West Tennessee Expediting enough, they’ve put together a great program and I’m lucky enough to get to drive.”

Kyle Larson, Ricky Stenhouse Jr, and a cluster of fellow team owners and drivers all rushed to victory lane to congratulate Haudenschild on what was the 57th career win for his family as part of the World of Outlaw’s adding to his father’s Jac’s 56. The ‘Wild Child,’ was not in attendance tonight as Sheldon noted,” I really hope my parents were watching at home.”

McMahan was strong all night long, as the Volusia track record holder was looking for his first career win at the Barberville, F.L. speedplant behind the wheel of the Buch Racing No. 13, but it wasn’t meant to be tonight. Ian Madsen, who ran second all race long, caught the turn one bumps and flipped into the wall with three to go, which was what caused the red flag and also caused a flat tire on McMahan’s 13. A heartbreaker for McMahan, Haudenschild was able to capitalize.

“I saw that Paul (McMahan) was getting a flat,” Haudenschild said. “I kind of had a pretty good line going into turn one and two just kind of squaring up and that was my plan to just try to get under him on the straightaway and not mess up in three and four, but this car has just been really fast. I’ve had a blast driving this these last two weeks so I gotta thank Tyler, Drew and Adam for working so hard and hopefully we can do this a couple more times this year.”

After multiple second place runs in his rookie season, this certainly is some weight off of Haudenschild’s shoulders as he said,”It just feels so good to put one away. I definitely feel like I have the mentality to win these races and I just proved it to myself that I can and I think we will be able to get a couple more of these for sure.”

World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series action continues through Sunday evening at the DIRTcar Nationals. Stay tuned to CentralNewYorkMotorsports.com for the latest updates.

UNOFFICIAL RESULTS – World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series – Volusia Speedway Park – February 9, 2018: 

A-Main (30-laps): 1. 17 Sheldon Haudenschild, 2. 13 X Paul McMahan, 3. 2 Shane Stewart, 4. 15 Donny Schatz, 5. 83 Cory Eliason, 6. 24 Rico Abreu, 7. 41 Jason Johnson, 8. 2M Kerry Madsen, 9. 27 Greg Hodnett, 10. 19 Brent Marks, 11. 1S Logan Schuchart, 12. 9 Daryn Pittman, 13. 21 Brian Brown, 14. 49 Brad Sweet, 15. 11K Kraig Kinser, 16. 5w Lucas Wolfe, 17. 4 Parker Price-Miller, 18. 7S Jason Sides, 19. 7K Cale Conley, 20. W20 Greg Wilson, 21. 18 Ian Madsen, 22. 4K Kasey Kahne, 23. 70 Dave Blaney, 24. 5 David Gravel, 25. 29X Tim Shaffer, 26. 1A Jacob Allen

Heat 1 (8-laps): 1. 1S Logan Schuchart, 2. 18 Ian Madsen, 3. 49X Tim Shaffer, 4. 4K Kasey Kahne, 5. 11K Kraig Kinser, 6. 19 Brent Marks, 7. 30 CJ Leary, 8. 17C Caleb Helms, 9. 48 Danny Dietrich

Heat 2 (8-laps): 1. 4 Parker Price-Miller, 2. 5 David Gravel, 3. 83 Cory Eliason, 4. 15 Donny Schatz, 5. 41 Jason Johnson, 6. 27 Greg Hodnett, 7. 20 Greg Wilson, 8. 10H Chad Kemenah, 9. 13 Clyde Knipp
Heat 3 (8-laps): 1. 2 Shane Stewart, 2. 24 Rico Abreu, 3. 21 Brian Brown, 4. 9 Daryn Pittman, 5. 49 Brad Sweet, 6. 1A Jacob Allen, 7. 26 Joey Saldana, 8. 44 Trey Starks, 9. 40 George Hobaugh

Heat 4 (8-laps): 1. 13X Paul McMahan, 2. 17 Sheldon Haudenschild, 3. 2M Kerry Madsen, 4. 7K Cale Conley, 5. 70 Dave Blaney, 6. 7S Jason Sides, 7. 5W Lucas Wolfe, 8. 00 Dane Lorenc

Dash (6-laps): 1. 13X Paul McMahan, 2. 18 Ian Madsen, 3. 1s Logan Schuchart, 4. 24 Rico Abreu, 5. 2 Shane Stewart, 6. 17 Sheldon Haudenschild, 7. 4 Parker PRice-Miller, 8. David Gravel

B-Main (12-laps 4 qualify): 1. 27 Greg Hodnett, 2. 1A Jacob Allen, 3. 72 Jason Sides, 4. 5W Lucas Wolfe, 5. 10H Chad Kemenah, 6. 19 Brent Marks, 7. 30 CJ Leary, 8. 26 Joey Saldana, 9. W20 Greg Wilson, 10. 44 Trey Starks, 11. 17C Caleb Helms, 12. 40 George Hobaugh, 13. 13 Clyde Knipp, 14. 00 Dane Lorenc, 15. 48 Danny Dietrich – DNS

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