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EXCLUSIVE: McCreadie Building a Gator Pond; Scores Second Volusia Victory of the Week in Coffey Big Block


Tim McCreadie’s slump at East Bay Raceway Park to start Florida Speedweeks was certainly well worth it. In the past two days alone, he’s scored both a World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series and Super DIRTcar Series victory as part of the DIRTcar Nationals at Volusia Speedway Park.

T-Mac, from Watertown, N.Y. drew the pole for tonight’s 30-lap Super DIRTcar Series main event after a solid runner-up effort in the makeup feature from Wednesday. He also drove from 18th to a 7th place finish in this evening’s World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model event.

Despite starting on the pole, McCreadie did not stay there for all 30-laps as he had to fend off Justin Haers and Stewart Friesen to grab his 22nd career victory with the Super DIRTcar Series. Last year’s ‘Big Show’ winner at Albany-Saratoga is used to racing with Friesen, especially after losing by only a mere couple of feet to the driver of the Halmar International No. 44 in Series action last season at the Weedsport Speedway. Tonight was McCreadie’s turn to come out on the winning end.

“This is amazing how quick things can turn around,” smiled an ecstatic McCreadie from victory lane. “A week and a half ago when I knew we were coming here I thought we’d be in big trouble. The big block boys are just as good as the late model guys, the only difference is they don’t travel as much. To race with Danny (Johnson), Stewie (Friesen) and Justin (Haers) is not easy. I made a lot of mistakes the last three laps but the cushion held me in and this C&C Powerplant is a good motor. It’s got a good bottom end and a lot of power to pull me out of the junk when I need it to.”

McCreadie noted that he owed a lot of credit to car owner Vic Coffey and his crew for hitting the setup with little to no feedback as T-Mac is busy running back and forth throughout the pits between his Bicknell Chassis No. 39 Big Block and the Longhorn Chassis No. 39 Super Late Model.

“It feels great to keep these guys happy,” commented McCreadie. “It’s really just all on them. I have been giving zero feedback because I’m running all over the place and basically just told them, I have to go race my late model b-main. I can’t say enough about Vic and all those guys. Like I said, I just love making them happy and this is what it’s all about.”

The former World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series champion made some gutsy moves in the closing laps to keep Friesen and Haers at bay. Friesen kept showing McCreadie a wheel and that made T-Mac just a little bit nervous.

“I got pretty worried when Stewie (Friesen) showed up on the outside,” mentioned McCreadie. “I’m just not as good on this kind of track as all of these regular big block guys, but I just let it slide to the curb and it all worked out to me. I can’t say thanks enough to Longhorn, Sweetners, and Bicknell. Randy (Williamson) sold this car to us and gave a great piece to go out and run wit. We went and did our best and it paid off.”

McCreadie talked about just how close he got to the outside wall in the closing laps, noting “It’s weird that this track just dries right when you stop turning in. It was all on timing, keeping it cranked up enough to let the right rear back in and then sort of go half throttle off the corner to get some traction. I kept doing that, but I would keep catching lapped cars here and there going into the corner. It was nothing they were doing, but it slows down your entry just enough and that’s what made this race exciting.”

DIRTcar Nationals at Volusia Speedway Park Super DIRTcar Series Big Block Modified THURSDAY UNOFFICIAL Results:

A-Main (30-laps): 1. 39 Tim McCreadie, 2. 44 Stewart Friesen, 3. 27J Danny Johnson, 4. 3 Justin Haers, 5. 88 Mike Mahaney, 6. 9S Matt Sheppard, 7. 1 Billy Pauch Sr, 8. 9 Ryan Watt, 9. 19K Brett Kressley, 10. 4 Billy VanInwegen, 11. 42p Pat Ward, 12. 99L Larry Wight, 13. 43 Jimmy Horton, 14. 74 JR Heffner, 15. 5 Ryan Godown, 16. 91 Billy Decker, 17. 109 Billy Whittaker, 18. 165 Rex King Jr, 19. 98H Jimmy Phelps, 20. 119 Jim Britt, 21. 5S Tyler Siri, 22. 46 Jeremy Smith, 23. 20 Brett Hearn , 24. 25R Erick Rudolph, 26. 19m Jessey Mueller, 27. 6H Max McLaughlin, 28. 85 H.J. Bunting

Heat 1 (8-laps, 5 qualify): 1. 85 HJ Bunting, 2. 1 Billy Pauch Sr, 3. 20 Brett Hearn, 4. 6H Max McLaughlin, 5. 46 Jeremy Smith, 6. 165 Rex King Jr, 7. 30 Jamie Mills, 8. 48too Dave Rauscher, 9. 13 Rick Regalski, 10. 109 Billy Whittaker, 11. 44R Russel Morseman

Heat 2 (8-laps, 5 qualify): 1. 39 Tim McCreadie, 2. 74 JR Heffner, 3. 99L Larry Wight, 4. 9S Matt Sheppard, 5. 30M JoJO Watson, 6. 5 Ryan Godown, 7. 91 Billy Decker, 8. 118 Jim Britt, 9. 96 JF Corriveau, 10. 6d Dillon Steur

Heat 3 (8-laps, 5 qualify): 1. 3 Justin Haers, 2. 42p Pat Ward, 3. 4 Billy VanInwegen, 4. 27J Danny Johnson, 5. 25R Erick Rudolph, 6. 19K Brett Kressley, 7. 98H Jimmy Phelps, 8. 65 Scott Hitchens, 9. 35 Francois Bellemare, 10. 19 Tim Fuller, qq. 7 Rick Laubach

Heat 4 (8-laps, 5 qualify): 1. 44 Stewart Friesen, 2. 88 Mike Mahaney, 3. 5S Tyler Siri, 4. 43 Jimmy Horton, 5. 9 Ryan Watt, 6. 21 Yan Bussiere, 7. 3b Chad Brachmann, 8. 32 Jim Rasey, 9. 1g Darwin Greene, 10. 19m Jessey Mueller, 11. 17 Kyle Sheldon

LCQ 1 (10-laps, 2 qualify): 1. 19K Brett Kressley, 2. 165 Rex King Jr, 3. 98H Jimmy Phelps, 4. 65 Scott Hitchins, 5. 48too Dave Rauscher, 6. 109 Billy Whittaker, 7. 19 Tim Fuller, 8. 30 Jamie Mills, 9. 13 Rick Regalski Jr, 10. 35 Francois Bellemare, 11. 44R Russell Morseman, 12. 7 Rick Laubach

LCQ 2 (10-laps, 2 qualify): 1. 5 Ryan Godown, 2. 91 Billy Decker, 3. 19M Jessey Mueller, 4. cb3 Chad Brachmann, 5. 21 Yan Bussiere, 6. 118 Jim Britt, 7. 96 JF Corriveau, 8. 6d Dillon Steur, 9. 1g Darwin Greene, 10. 73 Kevin Poitras, 11. 17 Kyle Sheldon, 12. 32 Jim Rasey

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