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Ryan Bartlett Victorious With First Win At Can-Am For 2022

LAFARGEVILLE, NY  A brutal start to the Whitesboro Plow Shop DIRTcar 358 Modified feature at Can-Am Speedway Friday night sent half a dozen contenders to the pits after just one lap was in the books. Jack Meeks was spun out in front of the field causing Cameron Black to launch up over his front tire into the air and out of the race. The wreck culled the field and paused racing until the track could be cleared.

Ryan Bartlett, of Watertown, New York was fortunate enough to not get tangled in the melee and climbed his way up from a ninth position start to first place scoring his first victory of the year in the number 39 car. A mid-race caution brought the field back together and erased Bartlett’s lead over the pack, but Bartlett was able to leap out ahead quickly on the restart and drove his way to victory, keeping Tim Fuller and Taylor Caprara relegated to second and third positions respectively.

Bartlett had snagged two top-five finishes for the year, but the victory Friday night marked his first win and helped him move up in the points chase for the season.

“Any time you can beat Tim [Fuller] right now, you’re doing good,” Bartlett said from victory lane after the night’s racing events. “We were lucky to get through those early wrecks. The track was pretty slick out there at the end. You could drive it hard going in to the corner, but you had to drive like your foot was on an egg coming out. It was slick and pretty technical tonight.”

Lance Willix and Dan Beachard were sent to the pits after they got tangled up before the big pile up and decided to have some extra-curricular activities on the track with some back and forth bumping during the caution.

Jamie Brown captured his first victory in the Bob Johnson Auto Group DIRTcar Sportsman Modified feature, Friday night. Brown started in the pole position at the beginning of the feature and was able to withstand the pressure from Tyler Corcoran’s assault for the lead in later laps. Corcoran had to be satisfied with second place, while Eric Nier climbed to a third-place finish.

In the Fabco Pro Stocks, Bruno Richard scored his second victory of the season at Can-Am Speedway. Ricard dominated in the win, with Justin White finishing second and Tyler Bushey putting in a respectable third place finish after getting spun out in lap one and restarting from the rear of the field.

In the Panther Frameworx 602 Crate Sprint Car feature a last lap caution destroyed Jordan Bennett’s sizeable lead over the field. But he was able to jump back out ahead on the green/white restart and take home his first victory of the year and of his career in a sprint car.

“I kept seeing a shadow back there,” Bennett said after the race. “I didn’t know who it was. It might have been my own wing. I’m new to this sprint car thing, so to come out here and get a win, I’ll take that.”

Paul DeRuyter scored his first victory of the season in the Donath Motor Worx Limited Sportsman Modified feature and Tony Frezzo grabbed the win in the Marsha Gibbons TLC Real Estate Thunder Car feature.

Can-Am Speedway will take a week off from racing to allow a weekend for graduations across the region. Racing returns Wednesday June 29th for the Pabst Shootout.

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A Feature 1 (25 Laps): 1. 39-Ryan Bartlett[9]; 2. 19-Tim Fuller[12]; 3. 21C-Taylor Caprara[16]; 4. 49-Billy Dunn[10]; 5. 7S-Shaun Shaw[4]; 6. 74-Lucas Fuller[17]; 7. 18W-Scott Webb[7]; 8. 21R-RJ Tresidder[1]; 9. 66W-Derek Webb[11]; 10. 24-Jordan Kelly[14]; 11. 29-Preston Forbes[18]; 12. 23J-Jeff Sykes[15]; 13. 28-Jordan McCreadie[13]; 14. 73-Michael Cousins[20]; 15. 38J-Jarrett Herbison[19]; 16. 1-Jack Meeks[5]; 17. 23-Cameron Black[2]; 18. 9-Tyler Meeks[6]; 19. 25-George Sanford[21]; 20. (DNF) 36B-Dan Beachard[3]; 21. (DNF) 31-Lance Willix[8]; 22. (DNF) 26-Michael Mandigo[22]


A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 10B-Jamie Brown[1]; 2. 64-Tyler Corcoran[7]; 3. 34-Eric Nier[9]; 4. 44-David Rogers[8]; 5. 410-Mike Fowler[10]; 6. 18E-Gavin Eisele[12]; 7. 7D-Dustin Hutton[5]; 8. 52-Jessica Power[15]; 9. 91-Josh Reome[20]; 10. 57H-Remington Hamm[13]; 11. 32RS-Ryan Shanahan[18]; 12. 6-Brian Hudson[14]; 13. 621G-Trevor Gibbons[4]; 14. 92-Frank Sibley[6]; 15. 63M-Franklin Mackin[17]; 16. 76G-Skylar Greenfield[16]; 17. 271-Tiger Chapman[19]; 18. 18-Justin Gadbaw[3]; 19. 12S-Kyle Sharp[22]; 20. 62-Jonathan Murphy[2]; 21. 707-Greg Brinklow[21]; 22. FOX28-Tyler Stevenson[11]


A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 72-Bruno Richard[1]; 2. 1X-Justin White[4]; 3. X15-Tyler Bushey[2]; 4. 75-Eli Gilbert[5]; 5. 18-Louis Jackson[3]; 6. 57K-Kevin Fetterly Jr[6]; 7. 6C-Kenneth Hartshorn Jr[10]; 8. 22B-Blayne Nichols[8]; 9. (DNS) 00C-Michael Clark; 10. (DNS) 5B-Ian Bressette


A Feature 1 (15 Laps): 1. 06-Jordan Bennett[3]; 2. 9-Luke Stewart[5]; 3. 88-Logan Crisafulli[4]; 4. 30-Ken Klinkowsky[1]; 5. 1V-Josh Verne Jr[6]; 6. 27-Taylor Doxtater[2]; 7. 4-Owen Bird[7]


A Feature 1 (12 Laps): 1. 1D-Paul DeRuyter[2]; 2. 17-Owen Nier[3]; 3. 34-Keegan Nier[4]; 4. 23-Cole Perry[5]; 5. 8-Josh Hughto[6]; 6. 32-Joe Trichilo[9]; 7. 66R-Ray Hughto[1]; 8. 2-Steven Tabor[7]; 9. 73-Joey Wilcox[8]; 10. 33-Alan McDonald[10]; 11. (DNS) 12S-Dakota Sharp


A Feature 1 (15 Laps): 1. 22-Tony Frezzo[2]; 2. 111J-Anthony St Mary Jr[4]; 3. 11A-Joe Orvis[5]; 4. 16-Steve Smith[3]; 5. 94-OJ White[9]; 6. 100-Charles Monica[6]; 7. 31-Austin Smith[1]; 8. 52J-Justin McIntyre[8]; 9. 73T-Timothy Greenfield[11]; 10. (DNF) 60-Francis White[10]; 11. (DQ) 11J-Justin Burns[7]

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