KIRKWOOD, NY – Five Mile Point Speedway began the post-season with race number one of the five race Fall Championship Series at the speedway.  Tighe Sherlock recorded his first ever win at the speedway in the 25 lap Crate Sportsman feature paying $1,000.

Sherlock and A.J. Digsby sat on the front row for the 25 lap Insinger Crate Sportsman feature event on Saturday.  Twenty-seven starters took the green from Chief Flagger Jim Olin and it was Sherlock who won the drag race into turn one at the green. Several cautions slowed the action during the early going as Sherlock and Digsby ran one and two over the field.  On lap 5 2020 Track Champion Gary Smith took over the second slot and one lap later Bobby Flood would work past Digsby for the third position.

Sherlock continued to lead as the caution flew again on lap number 9.  When racing went back green, Sherlock again held the point.  Flood began to immediately challenge Smith for the second slot which allowed Sherlock to open up his advantage slightly.  The caution flew again on lap 12, this time it was twice on the same lap.  The second caution could have been much worse as Devon Zona had his front end break on the restart and shot across the track in front of the field while running in fifth.  The two back to back cautions also ended the nights for sixth place runner Tom Hampton and Mike Corbin.  Fifteenth place starter Seth Zacharias had worked up to seventh at this point but also headed to the pits with damage.  He was able to return.

When racing resumed the caution came out on lap 13 as Kyle Plumstead slowed with mechanical problems.  Once racing resumed things would remain green for the next ten circuits.  Sherlock continued his race lead as Flood made his way past Smith and in to second on lap 13.  Sherlock continued to impress as he maintained his distance over Flood and Smith.  Eighth place starter Tyler Johnston was now making a charge on the high side as he was up to fourth and pressuring Smith for the third position.  As the race wound down a number of great battles ensued throughout the field.

The final caution of the race flow on lap 22 Brian Durbin spun.  On the retstart Flood tried to make a move on Sherlock but it was not be.  Sherlock went on to lead all twenty-five laps for his first Five Mile Point Speedway win.  Flood wound up second with Smith, Johnston and Matt Brewer completing the top five.  Dominic Roselli, Digsby, Daniel Moriewicz, Charles Loiodice and David Dickey completed the top ten.  Brewer’s great charge from his seventeenth starting position to fifth earned him a $100 Hard Charger bonus in Memory of Dick Longstreet.

The 20 lap 600 Modified feature saw Chelsee Beebe and Jason Sullivan on the front row.  Beebe took the immediate lead at the start.  Fourth place starter Kenny Harris wasted no time as he moved in to second place on lap 2 and immediately applied the pressure to the race leader.  Harris took over the top spot on lap 5 and never looked back as he would go on for his first FMP victory.  James Randall raced from his eleventh starting spot to finish second with Nolan Smith, Sullivan and Tyler Smith rounding out the top five.

Josh Towner was the early race leader in the 20 lap Factory Stock feature event on Saturday.  Towner took the lead at the drop of the green from pole setter Kurtis Stickle.  Towner led the first 9 laps only to have a tire go flat while leading.  This put Mike Chilson into the race lead.  Chilson led from lap 10 to 15 only to have his own tire issue while leading.  Chilson had his right rear tire go flat and pitted for repairs during the caution period.  This put Kurtis Stickle into the race lead with Towner back up to second place.  Stickle, was coming off his best finish of the season back on August 29th Championship Night.  When the green flag waved again Stickle pulled ahead of Towner as the race leader.  Stickle would go on for his first ever win at the speedway.  Towner finished second with Casey McPherson, Billy Shoemaker and Chilson rounding out the top five.

Brian Salmini and Scott Miller led the Expert Front Drive Four Cylinders to the green for their 15 lap feature event.  Salmini led the first four laps but on lap 5 third place starter Josh Wilder took over the point.  Wilder quickly opened up his advantage over the field as a number of battles took place behind him.  Sixth place starter Dave Simms took over the second position on lap 12 as Salmini fell off the pace slightly Miller also made his past on the same lap.  At the finish it would be Wilder winning by a comfortable margin over Simms, Miller, Salmini and Novice Champion Doug Newbigging.

Alan Komar started on the pole and raced out into the early lead in the 20 lap Sportsman Futures main event.  Komar led the first nine laps only to see fourth place starter Josh Allen take over on lap ten. Allen held the point until the last lap when he drifted wide off of turn two and Komar raced back into the lead.  Komar held on for his first Five Mile Point victory in the Sportsman with Allen, Ned Fitch, Chuck Culbertson and Matthew Backus completing the top five.

John Maynard took the lead from Jason Colwell, Sr. on lap 6 of the 12 lap Novice feature event and went on for the victory.  Maynard was followed across the line by Colwell, Sr., Billy Colwell, Greg Slater and Austin Slater.

Racing returns on Saturday, October 3rd for the “final four” races of the season and fall championship series. For more information please phone the Five Mile Point Speedway offices at 607-651-4421 or log on to www.5milepointspeedway.com.

OFFICIAL INSINGER FUELS CRATE SPORTSMAN FEATURE FINISH (25 LAPS):  TIGHE SHERLOCK ($1000), Bobby Flood, Gary Smith, Tyler Johnston, Matt Brewer, Dominic Roselli, A.J. Digsby, Daniel Morgiewicz, Charles Loiodice, David Dickey, Matt Sobiech, Colin White, Jim Cummings, Seth Zacharias, Lem Atkins, Mike Ward, Brian Durbin, Jared Miller, Kyle Plumstead, Michael Corbin, Tom Hampton, Devon Zona, Mike Murphy, Blaine Klinger, Mark Longstreet, Rusty Smith, Jake Mason.  Dick Longstreet Hard Charger Bonus ($100):  Matt Brewer.

CRATE SPORTSMAN FUTURES FEATURE OFFICIAL FINISH (20 LAPS):  ALAN KOMAR, Josh Allen, Ned Fitch, Chuck Culbertson, Matthew Backus, Kyle Walsh, Jeremy Warren. DNS Aiden Elliott.

FACTORY STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20):  KURTIS STICKLE, Josh Towner, Casey McPherson, Billy Shoemaker, Mike Chilson, Bob Slate, Charlie Towner.  DNS – Adam Gilbert.

6O0 MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20):  KENNY HARRIS, James Randall, Nolan Smith, Jason Sullivan, Tyler Smith, Jake Waibel, Chelsee Beebe, Sheldon Whitman, Chuck Lohmeyer, Tom Shiner, Devon Green.

FWD FOUR CYLINDER EXPERT OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (15):  JOSH WILDER, Dave Simms, Scott Miller, Brian Salmini, Doug Newbigging, Kevin Whitman, Randy Lane, Phil Clapper, Jessica Velez, Kyle Hart, Jimmy DiFulvio.

FWD FOUR CYLINDER NOVICE OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (12):  JOHN MAYNARD, Jason Colwell Sr., Billy Colwell, Greg Slater, Austin Slater, Mike Jenks, Ashley Slater.

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