HOLLAND, NY – The Track @ Hillside featured two 50-lap feature events as part of Saturday night’s program. The NYPA TQ Midgets contested the annual Jerry Gradl Memorial, while the Race Of Champions Late Models were in for their own 50-lap affair. SST Modifieds and Street Stock 4’s rounded out the race card.

The Jerry Gradl TQ 50-lapper was contested in two 25-lap segments, with a refueling break after the first 25 laps. Andy Nye grabbed the early lead, but the yellow flew on lap 1 when Andy Jankowiak got bumped and hit the wall in turn two. Dave Wollaber took the lead on lap 5, but Kyle Hutchinson moved in to challenge for the top spot. Wollaber and Hutchinson traded the lead as Tommy Catalano, after running in the top five, had issues on lap 20 and retired. Hutchinson took the lead back from Wollaber on the restart as the race moved to the halfway point. At the refueling break, the top five were Hutchinson, Wollaber, Andy Nye, AJ Hessler, and Erik Musto.

In the final segment, Hutchinson and Wollaber continued to trade the lead back and forth with Nye and Hessler battling for the third spot. Nye began to close in on the leaders at the lap 40 mark as the top two encountered lapped traffic. A spin by Vinnie Christiano III on lap 42 set up the final restart of the contest. Wollaber took the lead for good on lap 44 and gapped Hutchinson by a few car lengths to take the win. Following Hutchinson across the line were Nye, Hessler, and Musto.

NYPA TQ Midget heats were won by Kyle Hutchinson, Dave Wollaber, and Andy Jankowiak.

Sam Fullone moved quickly from his 4th starting spot to the lead in the 50-lap Race Of Champions Late Model feature, with Dave Heitzhaus settling into second with two-time series winner Eldon King following in third. Heitzhaus and King battled for the runnerup spot, but contact between the two on lap 19 sent both cars to the rear of the field, putting Tommy Catalano into the second spot. The middle stages of the race saw a few cautions and restarts, with Fullone and Catalano trading the lead back and forth. On a lap 31 restart, Dave Russell moved into second, but then spun and backed into the wall in turn one five laps later. King got back to second as Catalano faded and put heavy pressure on Fullone in the final laps, but Fullone held him off for the win. Heitzhaus made it from the back of the field to third at the finish, followed by Terry Weldy and Catalano.

Race Of Champions Late Model heats were won by Sam Fullone and Dave Heitzhaus.

The 40-lap SST Modified feature saw Andy Jankowiak jet out to the early lead, with a trio of Catalanos coming through the pack, led by Amy, who found the runnerup spot at halfway. Amy ran down Jankowiak and they began to battle for the lead as Tommy Catalano moved into third past Kevin Timmerman, while Timmy Catalano battled him from fifth. Tommy Catalano’s car began leaking fluid and he stopped in turn two on lap 35 to bring out the race’s first yellow. Amy took the lead from Andy on the restart and held on after another restart with three to go to capture the top spot. Jankowiak, Timmy Catalano, Kvein Timmerman, and Jeff Brown rounded out the top five.

The SST Modified heats were won by Shawn Nye and Andy Jankowiak.

In the 20-lap Street Stock 4 feature, Tyler Catalano took the lead at the start and held it till a lap 18 yellow for Scott Pastorious’ slowing car, setting up a 2-lap shootout. Hejna battled furiously with Catalano, with Tyler hanging on to take the win, followed by Hejna, Greg Krause, Jeff Szafraniec, and Michelle Russo.

The Street Stock 4 heat was won by Kenny Hejna.

The Track @ Hillside returns to action Friday August 17th with 50-lap features for the Street Stock 8 and Street Stock 4 divisions, plus SST Modifieds and Crazy 8’s. Racing begins at 7:30 p.m. For more information, check the new web site at www.hillsidebuffalo.com.


JERRY GRADL MEMORIAL NYPA TQ MIDGET FEATURE-DAVE WOLLABER, Kyle Hutchinson, Andy Nye, AJ Hessler, Erik Musto, Jeremy Haudricourt, Mark Schultz, Vinnei Christiano III, Vinnie Christiano, Timmy Catalano, Tony Hanbury, Patrck Emerling, Kevin Wilson, Jeremy Conklin, Tim Nies, Tony Patrea, Jamie Pew, Arik McGruder, Patrick Smith, Chester Haywood Jr, Tommy Catalano, Ted Jones Jr, Chad Haywood, Andy Jankowiak, Cameron Ruggerio.

ROC LATE MODEL FEATURE-SAM FULLONE, Eldon King, Dave Heitzhaus, Terry Weldy, Tommy Catalano, JOe Beretta, Matt Bove, Dave Whitaker, Dave Russell, Ron Richter, Bob Weber, Matt Druar, Josh Hathaway.

SST MODIFIED FEATURE-AMY CATALANO, Andy Jankowiak, Timmy Catalano, Kevin Timmerman, Jeff Brown, Joe Evans, Jeremy Haudricourt, Shawn Nye, Patrick Emerling, Sherri Hogan, Tommy Catalano, Bob Weber, Neil Dietz Jr (DNS), Don Pringle (DNS).

STREET STOCK 4 FEATURE-TYLER CATALANO, Kenny Hejna, Greg Krause, Michelle Russo, Jeremy Schosek, Scottt Pastorious, Adam Killingbeck.

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